Sunset Whispers (Tears Like Rain Prequel)

Fingers intertwined; her touch, amongst all else, is the one that finds me,
Through the gentle breeze, I shiver, but she's the sun behind me,
A ripple of electricity, the caress of gentle waves,
Trickling simplicity; the perfect ending to our days.
The daily struggles of reality, all lost beneath the clouds,
Upon the beach we vowed to reach beyond the crowd.

Each calm and benevolent, such honest togetherness,
Faced with storms, we promised to weather this,
Souls merged as one, our encapsulating ensemble,
'Till death do us part'; happily captured in bonding,
Sunset whispers, "I do"; a new chapter responding.

There's a spark of ignition, my gaze drifts from the sky to her eyes,
(The mark of my mission; needing to keep this, I can't help myself, why?)
It's a song that's right to imply, admitting, true sight is blinding,
But who knew that two spines could align and unbind me.

(I pause) - She has a grin on her face that pierces my heart with such wonder,
Warmth spinning in place so fierce it's pulling me under,
"Here we are", she starts, "at the first place that we met,
Beneath the falling sun in the space our hearts come to rest,
I thought it'd be best; the perfect location to share this moment,"
Our eyes meet and sensing my hearts sparing motion,

She puts my hand to her stomach - and I know as words are barely spoken
"Y-you..." stuttering, I had no idea this is what she'd planned for me,
And to confirm, her gentle voice, though rising beyond the land and sea,
Sunset whispers, "I love you, we're going to start our family."