A Flickering Light in the Distance

Awakening, amongst the dead of night; an awful moan,
Rising, from a sound sleep, I'm jostled, thrown,
Crawling to the door, attempting to regain balance,
The wind, a maintained malice, howls upon the sea-stained 'Alice'.
Beyond the cabin rain gushes as waves bombard the bow,
The vessel pitches - unguarded, foul - a slave to nature's prowl.
Stumbling through the door, the deck creaks; a rhythmic thunder,
Suddenly I'm thrown through the air, is this it, I wonder?

It all turns black.

Awakening; Where am I? Eyes shift as I take it in,
My mistakes had been, evident; warnings, but I put no faith in 'em.
All around there lies lessons; no surprise, I cry, threatened,
I'm surrounded by my wreckage, my head pounds by the second.

Now drifting, through the open ocean,
Resemblance; our graves a hopeless floating -
Flotsam, we're both choking, broken -
Unending; the waves our hostess doting.

Abandoned, upon this floating casket,
Demanding, and hands are rowing faster.
Solid ground - it becomes a distant memory,
All around, desperation grips my energy.
Shivering, eyes flutter as fatigue kicks in,
My last day, I mumble, while belief has thinned.

Glancing out as darkness envelops; fighting resistance,
Futile existence; trapped in an ocean of pigments,
My last sight grasps over a vision; white as it's risen,
Through the fog there protrudes a Light in the Distance.

It all turns black.

Awakening; I lay vacant in a heap of seaweed & rocks,
Beneath skies of grey, my eyes, they graze; a dream or am I still lost?
A lighthouse stands at the end of a path - or do my eyes deceive me?
Planting my feet, I stumble, each step I take - weak, but I'm rising freely,
I reach, and open the door, climb winding stairs to a room full of windows,
Looking out, the landscape a blur; heartbeat rising with a crashing crescendo,

Truly awakening, my realization is curled, unholy,
There's no escape from the horror that's unfurled before me
Turning, my eyes find a sign, the words blurted coldly,
It simply stated: 'Welcome to Purgatory'.