"Let go of me" She screams, as nails dig through her skin,
She kicks and flails, "You cannot win", he rasps beneath a grin.
Securing her arms behind her back, her captor spins,
And the last thing she sees is a mask, then blackness; grim.

*Two Hours Later*

"Can I see a recent picture?" Detective Matthews asked,
Cam turned, tears a seeping fixture, reflective of the past,
"Of course, I'll find one." She stood, and set about her task.
Inside the lights were bright, but gloom, a darkness cast,
Returning, her face a mask - watered make up strays to black,
"Our vacation. We had a blast." "Thank you." "We'd only just got back."

As he studied the picture, his phone rang; a somber melody of sorts,
"Excuse me." He whispered, then rising up, he swore,
Pacing back & forth, "Tell me you've got something." He demanded,
"Okay, I'll be right there." To Cam - "We just found her car, abandoned."

Blinking, her eyes flutter open, slivers of sun cast warmth upon her face,
"Let me go." She mutters, hopeless, as she squirms to create space.
From a chair in the middle of the room, she surveys her surroundings,
Despair ripples, a captured doom; a bouquet of thoughts resounding,
Her head, a constant pounding, "You'll never get away, this isn't right!"
Appearing within the light, "Better hope Cam values money less than your life."

Dust clouds the air behind them, speeding upon the gravel, winding,
The sun, once hot & blinding, hid behind trees, as lost as time was.
A car came into sight, parked near a sign that read 'Nature trail',
Abandoned surely; vacant, bare, but beside, a path that'd taken wear.
"Stay here." Matthews whispered, but Cam was already running down the slope,
Branches were cutting at her toes, but adrenaline, cunning gave her hope.

Reaching the bottom of the ravine, the leaves provide us with directive -
Matted to the ground, we found guidance to our objective,
The path continues to a cabin, built of creaking wooden beams,
Light is peeking through the seams, when they hear a shrieking scream.

"Quiet!" His voice rumbles, but a second quickly follows,
It disrupts the silence of the forest with an echo - sickly hollow.

Panicking, the man's bewildered gaze falls upon the door,
The distraction, allows Amanda, in the corner, to rise from off the floor,
Provides her time to gain her bearings, she sprints across full bore,
Charging, she hits her target, sending both sprawling as he roars.

The door swings open as Matthews pounces, gun in hand, he demands,
"Drop the knife, show me your hands", approaching the masked man,
Applying handcuffs, he turns to Cam, "Feel free to put a face behind the plan"
"I'll do it." As Amanda stands - Walking over she grabs the mask, as the man groans with disgust,

Revealing his face, she stands stunned, "Dad? How could you do this to us?"