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    OWL Rules & Regulations

    Each season will consist of 10, ~3 week rounds (2 to write, 1 to vote)

    • Playoffs are top 8 people, and three 3 week rounds (including championship)
    • Off Season is 3 months, give or take

    There will be no pre-rankings.
    The first week's matches will be decided by names being drawn from a hat.

    People will agree on a photo topic (effects topic consistency), and are encouraged to name their piece with a sub-topic and incorporate it into the main topic (effects creativity).

    Is everyone voting? Nope. Only verified voters will vote. This will be maintained and moderated in a VerifiedVoter discord channel.

    Verified Voters will use the categories no matter what. They'll either post a breakdown of the categories, leave detailed feed for both verses, or do an audio vote. Again, the categories, whether shown or not, will be the basis for all voting.

    How are we deciding winners - Best of 5 or KO

    Line limits? 40 lines or 400 words

    Extensions? NONE

    Overall [behind the scenes] point system
    We don't want people to technically write “to the categories” so much as just create a great piece of art.
    Winning 5 of the 9 categories is not a guaranteed vote. It is a 75% indication. There WILL be more moments, than we realize, that the winner is someone who didn't take the majority of the categories. Why? Because sometimes niche writers are THAT good at their craft and we will reward that.


    • NS - Out the following week. If you NS twice, you're out.

    • For posting late - Out next week

    • For going over line/word limit - Must be edited before voting will occur. Late rules will apply for a verse that has to be edited past the due date.
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