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    Monster Squad --- Rude + Baron X + The Villain

    The Villain - Werewolf/Wolfman

    I remember last time... footsteps in the park beneath moonlight,
    the news tied a few deaths together, an animal with teeth like new knives.
    Can't wonder who died because my mind is filled with blood tonight,
    a pain from my gut cuts through spine, the beast inside swoons, whines.
    Claws digging into roots, mind foggy and I'm confused, blind...
    by the truth, like I'm fighting to be myself when myself's been abused, died.
    I feel the urge to bite the first person who discovers me behind this tree,
    rip apart their spleen, eat each major artery like a chain of sausage links.
    I can't control the monster and it's soul grows stronger after every feast,
    the park is it's hunting ground where it keeps running around tearing teens.
    My dreams elaborate on the scary scenes, as I watch them bury bones,
    cursed to carry woe like shackles, while inside, I battle this hairy foe.
    When the moon hits the sky, I can't grip my mind as the sickness strikes,
    and every witness dies by a quick surprise, nine inch claws and a livid bite.
    It's a timid sight, so many lack the fortune to escape this twist of fate,
    as children becomes appetizers for it's appetite within a glimpse of pain.
    Torn to an inch of flesh, nobody is safe when I unhinge it's cage...
    swords ripping at your chest as your brain begins to sense decay.
    So please run away, because when the sun dies I can't hold the restraints,
    and the werewolf knows no shame, just a hunter who controls the game.

    Rude - Dracula

    If Gillman’s actin’ mischievous? He gets a waveless tank of prisms
    With sonars pinging so loud, even the matrix breaks it’s rhythm
    Frank is made in increments! But the most famous name that’s given
    Is the doctor that created him, thus a shameful naked vision
    The Wolfman’s howl is frivolous, the Lupus Dei’ll taint the system
    I’ll make him Roll Over on a bear trap, and Beg to Stay in that positon
    Jack the Ripper was insolence! It was my fangs that ate the vixens
    I used to roam the streets of London and strangulate the wicked
    Hypnotized the innocents, pierced a vein and drank the liquid
    dragged the vagabonds to my lair and exsanguinate my victim
    Call me Batman in a sense, cause of the pain at stake, inflicted
    My life force is so moving, there's a change of state when bitten
    The power felt is imminent, it's the strangest strain of sickness
    the capillary thirst, amongst the most heinous stage of symptoms
    prepare for the genesis!, as my greatest reign to witness
    draining Helsing on his arrival, since he came to slay afflicted
    Bram branded me as villainous, in his pages, blame was written
    I bathed in blood that stained the mud, my ancient ways were twisted
    back when I was militant, enslavement swayed the vicious
    so they named me the Impaler cuz of the sadist strays I lifted
    showing signs of vigilance, my changeless face has shifted
    growing tired but never old, of all this ageless grace I'm given
    now my story seen as synthesis, and my stasis wanes opinions
    but you know Legends never die, so I just fade away in distance

    Baron X - Frankenstein('s Monster)

    Eeeet's alive!

    Yeah, alive and here to destroy, hardly got a brain bringin' fear and a ploy
    a plan to take the world and to steer through the storm,
    lightning strikes twice I disappear through the door...
    Sewn shut to hold my innards in tact
    I'm cold as a damn blizzard with rap
    on a mission to capture what it means to be alive
    just wishin' for faster legs to see the other side!
    I stroll to my apartment, turn on the TV
    and see some bullshit actors tryna' be me
    hate to pull this past ya but ya ain't even close
    ya'll soft and pussy, like Casper the Ghost
    I'm that amalgamated rapper, set to blast 'em and roast
    Fuck a mummy, and fuck Mars' inhabitants most
    If he an Alien? I'm assailin' him, and everyone on this damn planet for jokes
    even those Lannister folks, I'll snap their backs till they finally choke
    spinal cord from inside drivin through the side of their throats
    You think a Frank-enstein ain't tryna be blunt with you?
    I'll take the edge of a bat, or a shank and grind it in front of you
    A slasher flick, I got more straps than Jason,
    fuck a mask bitch, I'm a fucking machincation!
    Back to basics, my stitches are sewn,
    meet me by the lakeside where all the bitches were thrown
    this is my zone, you know I'm wreckin' your pride
    Splittin' my foes more than Jekyl and Hyde!
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