Waltzing; in motion, free - drawing in the ocean's breeze,
The vibration of the bass is a taste; forever young,
Seldom is it sung, the melody - we held it in our lungs,
Beauty, within a spoken plea, whispered amongst our hopes & dreams.

Through hope, we breathe, lush in ballad,
A floating sea, brushed our palettes,
An open sky, plush, no malice,
Inside we lie, clouds puffed, our palace.

A seasonal sonata; sweet summer sonnets;
Measures brought forth with the hum of comets,
We reached a place ingrained - true love is honest;
Where our faith remained within a budding promise.

Graceful twirling, ankle deep; lullabies of a singer's dream,
The sun & moon - angles meet; butterflies where our fingers weave.
As, in this spot we lay, sparkling sands within our reach,
I caught her gaze; heart'ning strands begin to speak.

My glance, eclipsed; a vision of beauty.
Her dancing lips; division of rubies.
The glimpse of her eyes; as if colored by sunset,
Free as the rising tide; discovered, yet unmet.

Beneath the skies of thunder, we'd found a new dawn before us,
With the rise of summer, love drifted in as a calming aura.
Subtle chimes in the wind; that echoed with our whispers,
Intertwined; wrapped within, the presence of our figures.

[The daylight of summer began dimming...]

As quickly as the sun kindled, our love dwindled,
The wind, upon which we rung cymbals, now becomes dismal.
The crashing of the drum fizzles, while the tide, it's strum shrivels,
Where the orchestra begun ripples, the melody, now a numb drizzle.

A colorful connection; now clouds shield the rainbow we once found,
Autumn winds begin to drown; leaves, us, tumbling to the ground.
The symphony of sounds, which once resounded so profound,
Now fades, like nature's hound; the composer's winding down.

"One last dance?"

We're twirling; our charm is spent, now sifting through the crowd,
Minds swirling; our arms extend, our bodies drifting further; shrouds,
Still, she manages a smile, as she whispers, "Distance finally found us, how?"
One last kiss upon the cheek, then we separate, as summer love takes it's final bow.