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    Round 2: Discussion & Predictions

    OI! What's good tho?! Fairly successful Round 1 in the books. This is our Christmas Round of OWL, which will have no Christmas topics because fuck that! :dead:. I know alot of people will be busy with the holidays and such so verses for this round will be due......Wednesday, January 3rd, 2018. Yaaaaaaaaaaaa, we almost to 2018 tho. Also going to put in a check in/topic selection deadline, after which anyone who hasn't checked in or at least began to select topics with their opponent will be replaced.

    Anyways, here are your Round 2 Matchups:

    @Vammy vs. @EUNIQE

    @Lemarchand vs. @OrpheusTheMagician

    @Slim MC vs. @Nemean

    @Ocktavius vs. @Ness

    @Nigma vs. @Diasick

    @Walking Keys vs. @Krowned Kris

    @D.K.O.N. vs. @Rude

    @wes ghost vs. @Enoch

    @Vlad vs. @SELF ACTIVATE

    ENJOY!!!! And Happy Holidays!

    *Threads will go up by the end of the day*

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    Let's get right into this

    @Vammy Vs @EUNIQE

    This is a fairly good match up. Both opponents aren't crazy good writers, one has been in the topical scene longer (Euniqe), but one ACTUALLY DOES elevate (Vammy, who has gotten better since his first ever topical drop). I predict Vammy for this one. If not KO, then TKO. Just dont slack Vammy, if you get cocky... You can lose.

    @Lemarchand Vs @OrpheusTheMagician

    Now, this could be a stellar battle as well.. Unfortunately, I dont have much to go off in reference points to The Magician. I do know that Lemarchand beat Vammy when it counted the most... So based off of that alone, I got Lemar for this. Either TKO or 5-2.

    @Slim MC Vs @Nemean

    So, this is where Slim will have to STEP UP HER GAME. Going up against a powerhouse like Nemean is tough, especially where slim is sitting. Slim does have the advantage though, she doesnt have to worry christmas as much as Nemean does. Maybe that will tip the scales closer in her favor. Either way, I see Nemean with the win or Slim with the NS win.... OR Slim with the upset.

    @Ocktavius Vs @Ness

    I didn't get around to Ock's complete verse... I shall come back to this prediction after I do. For the time being, Ness doesn't slack (except when technical gives him the middle finger I guess) so I see this being VERY CLOSE. Possible battle of the week. I think if Ness digs deep deep deep down inside, to that very meaningful writing on different levels... He could win... But Ock will probably barrage you with poetic language + a hint of sad story that is slightly vague (again, haven't read a complete piece yet... Just guessing). So I got Ness with the 5-3 or 5-4 since he knows who he's up against.

    @Nigma Vs @Dia

    A pretty decejt match up set up. I like it... I like it... I dont hace much to say on this battle prediction because there isnt much to say. Both writers are dope and possibly in the same caliber, this is a toss up for me. If Nigma tries to lock down Rhyme Scheme + flow (on top of the other cats he normally locks down) then hell win this. If he doesn't at least tie rhyme scheme, dia might get this win by one category... In my opinion. We'll see... I choose Dia, can't tell you the votes though.


    I haven't battled you in a topical in a very very long time. We have similar styles, so I think I gotta lock down a few more cats that I'm not used to. Ill add a spicy element into my writing for this round. Good luck, hope the holidays doesn't overwhelm you with hardship, thus giving you little/no time to write. We both can agree that this battle is one for the storytellers.

    @D.K.O.N. Vs @Rude

    Fuck this battle... D.K.O.N. wins (but Rude is the underdog that WILL make this an upset. The most surprising upset.) That's my prediction... Im going with Rude, maybe the only one too. D.K.O.N pulls shit out of a hat an hour and a half before the battle is due and wins. GTFO... Rude wins because she puts forth 10 more effort than she ever has. I know she's excited to go toe-to-toe with a top 5'er.

    @wes ghost vs @Enoch

    Now... Is this a good battle? Im not aware... Enoch just read one of my first verses ever, he was pleasantly surprised... Ive yet to read a rhetoric verse... I hear good things though. Is it enough for Wes Ghost? Possibly... I think Wes sleep, eats, lives, and breaths poetry though. Like, I believe he only masturbates to shakespear on audiotape and strokes it in iambic pentameter. Wes Ghost's normal emotions consist of a 2 hour long open mic with a variety of people. So who wins this? Wes by KO [Sorry Rhet]


    Vlad finna get KO'd AF. That's my literal prediction.. If Vlad's flow is like last verse... Then Self takes the battle. Just check what I mean by that when I post the feedback for Vlad's verse.
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