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    Alexander The Great

    Alexander The Great

    From origins of the apple of discord
    Zeus and his lords, to the east known as a civilized horde
    Truces broken and peace dethroned, Greece must go to war
    Vengeance awakened and their feasting on some thrones, they turn royalty into the poor
    The census is that they're vagrants, invaders and warmongers
    Alexander attack conquer, another rouge wanders and asks Xerxes who's stronger
    So many troops swore they were conjured by Athena or Ares trying to make a monster
    Swooped and went bonkers in Anatolia, it was a quick slaughter
    Liberated Egypt, now the slain men martyrs
    Victory is the only option, they refuse to barter, recruit from Amarna and then march into Persia.
    In a second peasants turn to soldiers welding courage and small boulders
    Greece pulls out the shields and the phalanx formation and its over
    Syria, fools gonna be rebuilding till the next year, captured so fast Alexander not even a year older
    Through Macedonia, Thrace they are brothers standing shoulder to shoulder, barely speaking in a calm rage
    Step to close their spears and end up with sharpened stone in ya ribcage
    Conquest of the empire on to the next page
    Beasts taller then giants, shattering the morale of those who wish to engage
    Greek alliance, battering the foul foes who insist in using elephants instead of battling him on the main stage
    Leaving India enraged, last the end of the world and then we usher in a golden age
    Instead his troops fade, mutiny they say, Hades to they pray exclaim their friends and families haven't seen them in over a thousand days.
    "India, the end of the world and Posidian knows we wish to see beyond the fray but our troops are in dismay and their mental states left in decay, if you refuse to flee from Bombay We shall face you in Melee and your loyalist is who we slay."
    His great army dare to betray? Sadly even the greatest warrior alone can't keep the beasts away
    Alexander return to west after his overstay
    Elects his best to rule in his place when he rules in Greece
    Within a year the young man is fallen and meek, and has lost all of his arrogance
    Even the greatest warrior cannot fight the blade of pestilence

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