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    The God Artifact

    I don't know much about physics, nor am I scientifically inclined
    I'm just a normal guy from Georgia .. who works a nine-to-five
    For a civilian based employer known as Stonehenge Enterprise
    The global giant in Robotics that owns ‘Quantum Core Designs’
    Which are carbon-coated constructs .. of monolithic size
    Computers so complex they've been rumored to be finds
    Of an underwater ruin near Bermuda in July ... of 1985
    When two scuba divers tried to exhume a sacred site
    Of a luminescent blue ancient pyramid of light
    Which presumably just might be the last looming relic
    Of Atlantis due to time being brutally unkind

    ... To historic artifacts
    As they departed towards the bottom the aquatic habitat ...
    Holographically became a tropical location full of oxygen exchange
    It was awesome and insane to observe such a change
    As the dirt beneath their flippers quickly turned into a stage

    ... And lifted them away ...

    To the center of the entrance which was hexagonal shaped
    And connected to the cosmos out in Subatomic Space
    A quantum gateway to where the clock is not obeyed
    And they weren't hostages or slaves to its concept or its games
    Beyond the 4th Dimension to the Source’s algorithm
    That configured into chains made of quartz and DNA
    Transformed and rearranged into a ginormous eye ...
    That orbited the plane and told them Horus was its name
    An artificial brain of a deceased de•i•ty ...
    That morphed its database into string en•er•gies
    And incased it in the safety of the pyramid machine
    That lay beneath the sea as the greatest source of wisdom

    ... In the whole galaxy! ...

    From the Olmecs to Egyptians to the Romans and the Greeks
    They all knew of it’s existence in the “West Indies” ...
    Protected by Atlantis and the pre-Columbus Mayans
    Til they suddenly just vanished leaving nothing but thier silence
    But those lucky scuba divers rediscovered what was hiding
    In the ‘Devil’s Tri-angle’ of those Caribbēan islands ...
    But apparently their finding wasn’t something we should know
    Cause they never told the public, but became the CEOs
    Of Stonehenge Enterprise where I work in vid•e•o ...
    ... Surveillance operations and security patrol
    A private corporation that the government supports
    Such as military branches for their weaponary and force
    And of course the CIA so they can spy and record
    For Illuminati masters what the Eye has informed
    Cause the monolithic structures were like giant thump-drives
    Of quantum information from a cosmic god’s mind!
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