Red = Lucy
White = Yog
Purple = Dion

I fuck around with the demons, I'm the half-breed son of the lamb
Foes found and left screaming, cops stampeding for me but I don't give a damn
Mowed down and I'm beaming, I'm leading a army of rams
Horned hounds and reaping, impede your clan and they scram

Yummy youth yap yet yesterday Yog yearned youngsters to yield
Culling copious crazed children to kowtow and be killed
Yo YOG is too fucking ill
I swallow entire galaxy whole
My desire is have reality annulled
In hellfire calamity ahold
Wires and insanity contain the bold

BITCH I make the enemies tispy
Ask Lucy, made a Cyclopes fall off his two feet
Cause I added lead to my drink and made it a little too sweet
And lean? I been making it for years no feat
Or Yoggy I always got grapes for that nigga to eat
And those titans? Shit they'll always be beat
Or at least Young Dion sucking on they mamas teat.


Well we slithered to the entrance
Defenders were withered but the building entrenched
Weather bitter moved quick with my six sense
In the blizzard I left mass dents in their defense
Flames sintered and left burn marks prints
Peak heat emitter stuck with flint the equivalent

BITCH, I said tell em about my story not yours!
First off DION moved through the melted doors
Whipping vines till they got on the floor
Shot him through the ceiling and the body soared

Delirious Dion allowed me to show you true horrorcore
Easily evacuate eyeballs and left their swollen stars sores
Blistering boils bumped and boisterous bores
Whipped wretched wiener into their wicked whores
And rhythmically robbed residents till they were permanently poor

YOG shut the fuck up, I'm telling the story here
Dion walked out and left the niggas holey
Okey Okdey I walked out with a new rolly
CHECK IT NIGGA real gold everyday
Aight I'm done that's all I wanted to say.

We led the scene in a blitz
Barely seen and left cameras on the fritz
Stocked with green papers in our mitts
With magic and our wits, we conquer bit by bit