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    Community Collab Jonny Edition

    This year, I decided to open up our weekly Community Collab on Writing Leagues to a special topic. Choosing a picture that Jonny had used for an amazing written piece, I let everyone know that we'd be using the picture or Jonny, in general, for inspiration. This allowed individual writers to give their take on the picture or the additional opportunity to pen to Jonny. I love the effort that was put into this and it makes me grateful to know that he touched so many people's lives. Here we are.


    Discarded treasure; abandoned beneath the stars,
    This far we weathered; in tandem we each see scars.

    Mountainous masses; a malignant mound,
    Pitiful piles stacked up by the pound.
    A dreary disposal; forever dammed,
    We're weary and lonesome; never a chance.

    One afternoon we were approached by a gentle being,
    Looking as worn as us, yet relentless, freeing.
    He gazed upon us, sparks whisked in his eyes,
    With an energy booming, persistent and spry.

    Bending down he ran his fingers across one of our covers,
    Romeo and Juliette, a classic tale of two lovers.
    Then Alice, sweet Alice, about her tremendous journey,
    And Oliver Twist, that poor boy and his endless worry.

    His eyes were alight, burning with passion and flare,
    He disappeared for a moment, then came back with a chair,
    Upon it he sat, at the top of our mountain,
    Foreign, familiar; raindrops on a fountain.

    As he grew, we loved him, through the best and the worst,
    And he loved us back, becoming immersed in our words.

    In time he married, had a son and a daughter,
    How proud we were, he became a man and a father.
    To this day he still visits, brings his children as well,
    Reading stories out loud of Alladin or Belle.

    We'll never forget him, he brought us purpose and love,
    And grandkids who roam freely like the sea or a dove.

    He whispers gratitude, admires our craft,
    And while we can't thank him in words,
    He knows we already have.


    Never read a word of yours before you were gone
    But I seen the absurd stories that you drawn
    Must of been cursed to be cut so terse
    On the inverse the worst refuses to disperse
    The survivors chose to perverse
    Legacy is rehearsed and repeated a thousand times
    Logically what else would we do? you wrote a thousand lines
    With more longevity lord knows if we would of intertwined
    He struck with brevity and stayed in everyone's mind
    Such abilities no wonder he managed to shine
    Now we pine and rock the ensign of he who rocked teal
    Flock and gawk to see someone who so ill
    Talk and jock his style with such zeal
    Walk and dock to his grave and we all kneel
    Wondering what it would be like if he was here still.


    "A Life of Loneliness"

    Realization of Isolation
    In this life, is it true that I’ve peaked?
    I’ve lived every goal I assumed I could reach
    now theres nothing left to do, it would seem.
    But there’s something new that I seek,
    someone to direct my words to when I speak

    Physical Health
    Now its a struggle day out and day in
    when the panic attacks with devastation
    My chest? it tightens to hyperventilation
    My heart? Marches to the palpitations,
    My legs? Numb, only with a tingling sensation
    My whole body is drained from all the aching
    every attempt to fix it is a backwards step I’m taking
    pushed beyond my limits, I’m so close to breaking.

    Mental Health
    My emotions, are hidden by concealing sealants.
    While it may sound like it makes the dealing appealing,
    I really just miss the feeling of feeling feelings
    Cause this sickness is revealing ceilings
    Its draining my soul, and if I’m staying honest
    I’m wishing for the cure, like I’m chasing comets.

    Energy & Sleep Deficiency
    I’m tired, but awake.
    Hiding from my fate
    and trying to escape.
    But the lying that it takes
    is tying me in place
    Denying my reclaim
    to provide this life some change

    So instead of escaping, I’m coping
    so ask me anything about it, I’m open.
    No, really. Ask me anything about it, I’m hoping
    for some conversation to keep it spoken.
    How? It started with smoking,
    but I was in the wrong place on the wrong night
    Now I heat up the strong ‘white’ just to feel alright
    cause I only feel normal when I’m high,
    so I try to extend it to a long flight and do it all night

    Result of Feelings
    In this life, they say the people who matter are the few close to me
    but I look around and I’m alone, maybe thats how it’s supposed to be.
    I always knew I’d be the OnlyOne, but why the fuck did I have to be the lonely one?
    If I learned anything it was only this life is not worth living if its A Life of Loneliness

    - A lost soul in need of a friend


    My Immortal Eyes

    Have watched the world burn; pensiveness climbing,
    penitence rising; swirls - turns, negligence; timing.
    Evident findings through the likes of sediment mining,
    desolate diamonds lay in the rough, excrement - thriving.
    Pestilent whining; a generation of perpetual liars,
    contemptuous writers, and the even few effectual rhymers.

    Empires have rose and fell; wilting flowers on a stem.
    Send fire; go to hell - for hours on a whim.
    Reinvent the wheel on a cycle, that sours in the end.
    Reap resentment, kneel. Fallen idols, but you bow your men to them.
    Watch them tower in the wind, and my power will ascend,
    if I disperse their words across the earth, you'll scour it again.

    My blasphemy; I witness. From the heavens, I will reign.
    While this fantasy is written; and my blessings are in vain.
    Thought paganism died when Jesus died upon a cross?
    Well, the racists still divide the people, eyes upon them lost.
    The plight of heathens - smite the demons, proclaimed as kings.
    The flight to freedom, right to Eden when I finally gained my wings.

    I keep journals though; in silence, waited for finality.
    My eternal soul is timeless, isolated by mortality.

    Wes Ghost

    I hate you for leaving me.
    But the greed in me can't let go, I need you in me.
    I miss you and me.
    I miss you and I miss the me that knew you.
    My dude, you.....
    You helped me reach through.

    I'ma rip this in the style you helped me make famous.
    The church street playlist.....motherfucker, how you ageless?
    How am I gon' complain when all you ever did was maim shit?
    This is the streets I'm writing on, chalk and a face lift.
    Abbrasive? Ya, that's a word that one could use.
    I'm used to rattling off the words but you made 'em look abused.
    You made 'em all your bitch, a switch and bait tactic.
    FAN FUCKING TASTIC. "Pathetic"? You emo mf, why so drastic?

    Best laugh I've literally ever heard in my life..
    It hurts me to write.
    You were NEVER dirt, but you tried.

    You liked to feel the feelings human beings were intended for..
    but you wanted more.
    I'll hate you till I see you roasting my ass out on heaven's door.

    Your mom is my mom. That much is certain.
    We're all hurtin'.
    You were the spotlight and the curtain.

    You're worth more than a keystyle, I know this.
    But I'm not focused.
    I'm the swamp.....without the lotus.
    But I made a family.....and I know that you'd be proud.
    We found a new you....his name's vammy....and he's loud.
    Just like you, maybe more or maybe less?
    You'd have wanted us to help the world....Will I? Don't even guess.
    Drama knocked us over just like drama knocked you down...
    I won't let that shit prevent me from the sound thats coming out.
    I won't let that shit prevent me from EVER making you proud..(edited)
    You were my little brother....
    I don't even need a rhyme to say it.
    It hurt more than you could ever know....I'm crying while I say it.
    A prayer can't heal the wounds but a prayer can help improve...
    If God is fair at all, he'd beat box for your godly groove...
    You could fucking rap. And you could fucking write and make me laugh.
    The king of the roast? Nah, you wanted to be king of trap! crazy motherfucker, just know I love you.
    I cry fairly often, but that's just cause i wanted to be above you.

    For real though chad....what the actual fuck?
    That photo you took for me and wrote "ILY Wessy!" had me done...
    Dead and in stitches, like the RR banana we abused....
    You would rock pink shoes....
    You were beyond the years you used.
    You will be in me forever....tattooed and in spirit.
    I have to stop this this shitty key....cause i won't get your vote if you hear it!
    I promise you I'll write forever and I swear I won't lose to vlad again....
    HAHA, my fucking friend. I'll watch marie until my life's at end.

    MVGT - This fam I've kin-ed. You were always stoked on us.
    Your blood is my blood. I swear it to you. That's unbroken trust.

    p.s. you owe me feedback. Get at me when you open up

    Last edited by Vlad; 10-25-2017 at 12:37 PM.

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