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    OnlyOne - Only Words

    A poem i wrote the night Johnny left us.

    Normally a thought will rise and leave my mind

    maybe fade to black deceased in time
    but your struggle was also something i believe as mine
    re-accruing darkness beneath the shine

    so ill hold your words for solace in the tightest grip

    fingers clenched and writing this
    A journey of remembrance; not the slightest slip

    in what at first, seems a frightened trip

    I require no closure, definitely no explanation in words
    an ending? A creation absurd 

    for you live free in the flight of my soul; a nation of birds

    effortlessly majestic, basic in work

    I know that your words will rule my pain in the strongest of covers
stifling guilt, the wrong that it smothers
it will exit, and Only one remains after the long of the suffer
    Only one, this is my song for a brother

    Live on free

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